How it works

We understand how difficult it can be to cancel your Extended Warranty, Gap Insurance, Maintenance Plan, Ding/Dent protection, etc. Where do I go?  What do I do?  Who do I call? What paperwork do I need?  Our warranty specialists have several years experience in the auto industry and know how to get the maximum refund for your warranty in the quickest amount of time.  There are no upfront costs for our services whatsoever!  Here’s how it works.

1.  Simply fill out our 2 minute refund form online and email us a copy of the warranty/gap contracts you purchased.  We will then investigate if you qualify for a refund and will contact you within 24 hours.  There is no cost for us to determine your refund eligibility.

2.  After we have determined a refund is due, we may ask for a few things like:

     -a lien satisfied letter from the lender showing the car is paid off(if applicable).

     -a odometer statement you may of received from the dealership showing the miles of the car when traded in(if applicable).

We will also send you a personalized cancellation letter to sign electronically and once we gather all the necessary paperwork and information, we will submit it to all the proper departments for processing.

3.  We stay in close contact with all the necessary departments so that the entire process is expedited in the quickest way possible.  Once the cancellation is confirmed, we notify you when to expect the refund and invoice you separately for the 30% service fee.

QUESTIONS?   Email us at mywarrantyrefund@gmail.com



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