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We are a consumer advocate service with a goal to inform and educate all auto consumers when it comes to their auto warranty and insurance needs. Well over 50% of consumers purchase extended warranties and/or Gap insurance but what happens when they find themselves no longer needing the protection because they either sold, traded, refinanced or even totaled their car?

The CEO of MWR has been in the auto industry several years and it was here he realized there was a growing problem for auto consumers.  People either didn’t realize or would forget they are entitled to a pro-rated refund which means tens of millions of dollars go unclaimed every year.    Dealers and warranty companies are certainly not going to remind us of our refunds and offer to give money back.   Well MWR is changing that by bringing awareness to the public.  The message is simple, if you sold, traded, refinanced or totaled your car and had an active protection policy, you are most likely entitled to a refund.   By offering consumers a free refund analysis they now have the ability to prevent missing out on any refunds.  We will assist in the entire cancellation process so that the proper documents are submitted and will make sure refunds are received and processed in the shortest amount of time.  We are proud to say we have successfully recovered over $165k in refunds to date!

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