How to get a refund for extended warranty and Gap insurance.

How It Works

We understand how difficult it can be to cancel your protection policy.

Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I call? What paperwork do I need? Don’t worry, let us handle it! Our warranty specialists have several years experience in the auto industry and know how to get the maximum refund for your warranty in the quickest amount of time. There are no upfront costs for our services whatsoever!
Here’s how it works......

Step 1

Simply fill out our 2 minute refund form online. We will then investigate if you qualify for a refund and will contact you within 24 hours.
There is no cost for us to determine your refund eligibility.

Step 2

After we have determined a refund is due, we will collect the necessary documents and send you a personalized cancellation letter to sign electronically. Once complete, we send it to the proper departments for processing!

Step 3

We stay in close contact with all the necessary departments so that the entire process is expedited in the quickest way possible. Once the cancellation is confirmed and the refund has been issued, we send you our 30% recovery success fee for our services.

You pay nothing unless we achieve a successful outcome!

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