Our #1 goal is to help auto consumers become aware of their warranty refund rights, help us spread the word.

Our #1 goal is to help auto consumers become aware of their warranty refund rights, help us spread the word.

The whole reason I started this company MyWarrantyRefund.com was because I realized after working in the auto industry for 5 years, that there was a huge problem that needed to be addressed. Time and time again I would hear from consumers about how they had no idea they were entitled to receive refunds for things like extended warranties, Gap Insurance, Maintenance plans, tire protection, and several others. They would purchase long term protection plans but when they traded or sold their car before the protection expired, they didn’t realize they could have received a prorated refund for the unused portion. Its sad to say, but there is tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year. After realizing the seriousness of the problem, I decided to do something about it. We launched Mywarrantyrefund.com in 2016 and have already refunded more than $170k back to consumers, and we haven’t even scratched the service!
As a small startup company on a tight budget, we are helping consumers one refund at a time. However we want to do more than that. We need to get the word out faster so that this unclaimed money is put back into the right hands. There’s absolutely no reason for warranty companies and dealers to benefit simply because refunds are not talked about in the auto industry. There are no reminders and you can’t rely on warranty companies to go out of their way to refund you money.
So we are asking for your help! We need your support and word of mouth, so every like, tweet, post, blog matters. Please take a few minutes to share mywarrantyrefund.com to family, friends and neighbors. I can almost guarantee you know someone who can benefit from this message. We offer a free refund analysis so if you’re not sure if you are eligible for a refund, simply fill out our 2 minute refund form online and we will let you know right away.
If you have any other ideas how we can spread our message faster, please share with us. You can follow us at twitter.com/mwrefund and facebook.com/mywarrantyrefund

Thanks in advance to those that share our message. Together we can make a difference.

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