Stated Auto-Warranty vs. Exclusionary Auto-warranty

Knowing the difference between these two types of auto warranties is a big deal because they both mean two entirely different things. A stated warranty simply means all items that will be covered must be listed on the contract. In other words, a repair is only covered if it’s specifically listed in the covered items list. If it’s not listed, it’s not covered, that simple. A Exclusionary warranty is quite the opposite and is typically a much better protection plan to choose. In this case, everything on the vehicle is considered covered unless it’s listed in the excluded items list. In other words, if an item isn’t listed in the exclusionary list, then it’s automatically covered. It’s much easier to understand this kind of warranty as opposed to a stated warranty. Make sure to ask what kind of warranty is being offered to you. It’s also important to know…. -is it transferable? -is it cancelable and refundable? -is it nationwide coverage? -can you bring the car/RV to any licensed repair facility? -is there a deductible? Knowing this information will help you make a better choice. is committed to educating all auto consumers so they can make a better informed decision. They have helped consumers receive over $135k in refunds and that number is growing every day. If you ever need help receiving your warranty refund or just have a question, contact today.

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