Top 4 reasons to get a refund for Gap Insurance

Top 4 reasons to get a refund for Gap Insurance



Unfortunately most auto consumers are unaware they can receive refunds for Gap Insurance. Once they purchase it at the dealership, its forgotten about. Well www.mywarrantyrefund.com wants to change that by creating awareness about the top 4 reasons you should claim a refund right away!

1. You paid off your auto loan early
2. Your car value is higher than your loan amount
3. You sold/traded your car and the gap hasn’t expired yet.
4. Your car was totaled before the loan was paid off.

Remember most gap insurances cover you the entire term of your auto loan. As you continue to make payments each month, you will eventually hit the break even point. This is when your car value is equal to or greater than your remaining loan amount. Since the negative equity was eliminated, there isn’t a need to continue your gap coverage. Find out your refund status at www.mywarrantyrefund.com.
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