Buyers remorse- I don’t want my warranty after all.

Its a very common thing to purchase extended warranties, gap insurance or possibly a maintenance plan at the dealership and soon after regret doing so.  You may of been rushed or pressured into purchasing it  but now wish to cancel it.  What do I do? Who do I call? Where do I go? Well the good news is most states allow usually 30-60 days to cancel the protections for a 100% refund.  You can still cancel it if it’s past the cut off time for a prorated refund.  If you aren’t sure how to cancel your warranties or just simply don’t want to deal with the dealership any longer, you can always contact for help! They will handle the entire transaction so you don’t have to worry about it.  Simply fill out their online refund request and that’s it! Dont forget to visit them at…. and

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