Know your warranty protection options

It is very easy to forget you even purchased an extended warranty and/or Gap insurance at the time of purchasing your car.  The real problem is if you decide to sell or trade in that car prior to the coverage expiring, the refund goes unclaimed and the warranty companies benefit.  I cant tell you how often this happens.  Literally tens of millions of dollars rest comfortably with warranty companies for vehicles they no longer have to insure. wants to change this!  We are here to inform, educate and assist you with your car warranty and insurance needs. Don’t let your money go to waste like millions of Americans already do.   Help us make a change by helping you, your family, and friends.  Please spread the word and like us on facebook at /mywarrantyrefund. Please ask any questions you may have.  We would be more than happy to help!  Email us also at

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