Warranty Refund

Have you sold or traded your car within the last 5 years??

If the answer is yes, you need to be aware of something! When you originally purchased your vehicle, you may have decided to purchase an extended warranty, Gap Insurance, maintenance plan, ding/dent protection, etc.  If you are the majority, you most likely did.  These can be very important protections/insurances to have but what happens when you decide to sell or trade that car?  Assuming the protection coverages have not expired, there is a fairly good chance you’re entitled to a refund. So many auto consumers are forgetting to claim their refunds.  If you find any reason to no longer need or want your warranties, make sure you take the necessary steps to cancel it and get back a pro-rated refund.  Millions of dollars are unclaimed every year because people were unaware of their right to a refund. Mywarrantyrefund.com will be more than happy to investigate if you’re owed a refund today!  Our goal is to get the word out so your money ends up in the right pocket.  Please visit us on facebook at facebook.com/mywarrantyrefund.com and twitter.com/mwrefund

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