Do you want your refund??

Purchasing protections like extended warranties and Gap insurance is an important thing to have, but what happens when we no longer need it?  For instance, everyone that purchases Gap should be refunded money at some point. Why? Well Gap covers you the entire term of your loan right?  The purpose of it is to cover any negative equity you may have but here’s the thing, at some point during the loan period you will reach a break even point!  This means the value of your car is equal to or more than your loan amount therefore there is no longer a gap.  This is the time to cancel it and get a refund!  Stop paying for a coverage you no longer need. Extended warranties can commonly protect you up to 100k miles but what if you sold it prior to the coverage expiring?  Same concept, stop paying for a protection you no longer need!  Cancel it right away and get a prorated refund. Now the cancellation process itself can be intimidating and lengthy.  There are procedures that need to be followed and executed.  If you like, is a service that will handle the entire cancellation process for you.  There are so many people letting there refunds go unclaimed everyday. Be aware of your rights to a refund and do something about it.  Warranty companies and car dealerships don’t want you to know this because they will gladly take your refund money like they have been! If you’re  unsure if you’re entitled to a refund, check for free here Please share this blog with your family and friends, they will certainly thank you for it!

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