What is the purpose of mywarrantyrefund.com(MWR)?

Extended service contracts, maintenance plans, Gap Insurance, etc., have been around a long time.  I’m sure we have all experienced at least once being sold on these protections in the finance office.  Lets be honest, these coverages can be a very important thing to have should you ever come across unexpected repairs. The CEO of MWR has worked in the auto industry for several years and it was here he learned of a really big problem.  When auto consumers  traded in their vehicles, there was no one there to remind them that their service contracts were cancelable and refundable. If they weren’t educated on their rights to refunds, these refunds would go unclaimed and the dealerships and warranty companies would benefit immensely.  Tens of millions of dollars go unclaimed every year and because of this, MWR was created. The founder of MWR, Chad R., wanted to educate every auto consumer about the right to receive these refunds.  He also knew the typical refund process can be made very difficult  and the average person would struggle to get their money back.  Who do I call? Where do I go? What paperwork do I need? Can I get a refund?  These were questions that had answers that were hard to find because prior to MWR, they were non-existent.  Chad had a mission to change this.  He wanted consumers to have access to all this information.  He not only wanted to educate the public but also wanted to provide a service that would handle the entire cancelation process for them.  He realized that this process was to difficult for the average person to handle.  Lets face it, dealers aren’t going to go out of their way to make sure you receive a refund.  This is money that is taken out of their pocket so there is a lack of motivation on their part for sure. Now, MyWarrantyRefund.com has been around a little over a year and they have already reclaimed over $100k in refunds for consumers.  MWR has made the process so easy by simply filling out a 2 minute refund form online, and within 24 hours you will have a good idea whether you are entitled to a refund.  So if you have ever purchased any of these protections, make sure to visit mywarrantyrefund.com today to find out your refund status for free.

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